The Ultimate Guide to Cotton Dolls: Everything You Need to Know

1. Cotton Doll Concept

Cotton dolls are made of cotton, in fact, polyester artificial cotton dolls are main materials, generally 5-40cm high with a head and limbs of the human figure to 20cm is the most common, pay special attention to the face of the embroidery of the fine and rich, through the different colors and shapes of the eyebrows, eyes, eyelashes, nose, mouth recognition of the doll's expression and state.

For example, the cool beauty "Tang Mi",with a express just like the angry arrogant child "difficult to coax", and the aggrieved about to cry but just forced not to cry "crying bag sauce".

2. Cotton doll classification

2.1 According to the design reference prototype

According to the design reference archetype, it can be divided into three-dimensional attribute, two-dimensional attribute, and no attribute cotton doll.

The dolls designed with reference to stars or other real characters as prototypes are three-dimensional attribute dolls.

Dolls designed with movie and TV characters, games and anime characters as prototype references are secondary attribute dolls.

Dolls without prototype references are non-attribute dolls.

Dolls with attributes will incorporate archetypal features in their design, typically Xiao Zhan's mole under the lip, Wang Yibo's mole on the left eyebrow, and Yi Yi Qianxi's mole on the peak of the lip and between the eyebrows.


2.2 According to the hair

According to the hair, it is divided into general hair, rabbit hair, washed rabbit hair, brush flower rabbit hair, fried hair, high temperature silk, soft silk, fried hair splicing high temperature silk and so on.


woolly cotton doll

Left is Washed Rabbit Fur, Right Brushed Rabbit Fur

Fried hair, can be tied into a small chirp, do simple styling, and is divided into straight fried and rolled fried, rolled fried is a little curly fried
High-temperature wire: for a row of hair car to the scalp, can do complex styling, generally used to do adult wigs
Soft silk, shinier than high-temperature silk, but also more expensive

2.3 By body type

According to the body type, it is divided into normal body, chubby body, starfish body, ant body, doughnut, hand puppet, beast body and so on.

normal body

Chubby body: one circle fatter than the normal body
Starfish body: short limbs like starfish
Ant body: long and thin limbs like ants
Dumpling: a round ball with only a head and no limbs
Ant body mass: only head and elongated limbs
Hand Puppets: Cotton dolls that you can stick your hand into
Long legged body: a long legged body with elongated legs that shows the joints at the knees
Animal: Animal-shaped cotton dolls

2.4 By height
The dolls are categorized into 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 40cm and so on according to their height.

2.5 Skeletonized

It is divided into cotton dolls without skeleton and with skeleton. Skeleton is divided into sound, soundless, twisted head, not twisted head skeleton.

Skeleton cotton dolls in ordinary cotton dolls with a plastic skeleton, cotton dolls can sit down independently, waist, split, twisting head and other actions. With, without sound refers to the breaking of the skeleton whether the sound.


Non-twisted skeleton, head immovable
Twisted head skeleton with movable head

3. Cotton doll origin

Cotton dolls can be traced back to 2015, an EXO fan to member CHEN as the prototype of rice made an animal image of cotton dolls, and brought to the concert site to support.

The reason for making an animal image is that the Korean entertainment industry pays close attention to copyrights, and making a humanoid cotton doll would be an infringement of copyright.


In 2017, the South Korean entertainment company CJ saw a business opportunity to design and sell official peripheral cotton dolls for the male group debuting in Produce 101 Season 2, which gradually evolved from animal bodies to humanoid-based, and the specifications gradually developed into a 10/15/20cm standard. Prices range from 58-175 won (KRW 1-30,000) .

Around 2018, cotton dolls gradually became popular in the country.

On March 13, 2019, the Sina Weibo Cotton Beauty Doll Super Talk was established, becoming the largest gathering place for moms who raise children.
4. Cotton doll collectors

Most of the people who play dolls are young women aged 14-28, junior high school students, high school students, college students, people within 5 years of the workplace first and second-tier cities. They will give cotton dolls make-up, dress, tell stories, like a mother as fine care of children.

Therefore, they call each other wa-ma, wa-mi, mimi, jimei, sister, uu, youyou, ee, aunt, etc.. Later, the term "wa-ma" came to refer exclusively to the merchants who created the cotton dolls.

The attribute of "play" has made cotton dolls a C2M category in which very few buyers are involved in the whole process of design and production, and it has also led to a series of unspoken rules that are difficult for laymen to understand between buyers and sellers.

For example, the seller is responsible for the creation, staring factory, quality control and delivery, but can not make more money; buyers must be recognized in advance to confirm receipt of goods, non-flow of the group does not refund, the long period of about 3-6 months, overdue without replenishment of the mail will fall and only 80% refund, agreed by the seller directly with the baby factory after-sales and other agreements.

These both constitute the rules of the wa circle, but also become the pain points of the wa circle. In the following will be talked about in detail. 

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