Why Handmade cotton dolls are popular Everywhere?

Absolutely! Cotton dolls are becoming increasingly popular for several reasons. Firstly, they offer a nostalgic charm that resonates with people of all ages. Many individuals appreciate the simplicity and handmade quality of cotton dolls, which adds a touch of warmth and authenticity to their collections or as cherished companions.

Additionally, cotton dolls are often created using sustainable materials, aligning with the growing eco-consciousness of consumers. Their softness and gentle nature also make them appealing for children, encouraging imaginative play and fostering emotional connection. Overall, the popularity of cotton dolls continues to rise as people seek unique and sustainable alternatives to mass-produced toys.

Cotton doll, refers to the length of 10 to 20 cm, the main body made of polyester fiber dolls, which first originated in South Korea, belongs to the product of the idol economy. With a cute image and its own star attributes, cotton dolls became a popular peripheral product for fans as soon as they were launched.

  Around 2019, along with the domestic cultural and creative industry and the hot warming of the tide play industry, cotton dolls ushered in the rapid development of a large number of enthusiasts into the design, manufacture, sale and consumption of cotton dolls. 2020 the second half of 2020, the microblogging super talk "cotton beauty dolls" has long occupied the The top of the list of "trendy things" category, as of the end of 2021, the number of posts of the super talk is nearly two million, the number of readers over ten billion, the degree of fire can be seen.

  In the past two years, the domestic first-tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and some new first-tier cities have successively organized offline baby show, and there are more city baby show and offline store in preparation.

  In addition to the heat on social platforms and offline, together with the outbreak of cotton dolls online trading data. According to statistics, the online trading volume of cotton dolls in 2021 has exceeded 1 billion yuan.

  On the other hand, the role of cotton dolls in the eyes of players is also undergoing subtle changes. From the early simple star peripheral products, it has gradually developed into a collection of cultural creativity, cute economy, spiritual consumption, national tide is equal to a personalized tide play products. With the growing ranks of players, the rise of some cotton doll brands, as well as the continuous introduction of co-branding, non-legacy, public welfare and other cross-border cooperation, cotton dolls have a great tendency to break the circle.

Soft and cuddly appearance conquers a large number of players

  "Why do you play Cotton Doll?" Weidian recently released the "2021 Cotton Doll Player Insight Report" shows that in response to this research question, 85% of the respondents chose the "soft appearance/cute healing", another 58% and 55% of the respondents checked the "emotional support" and "collection brings joy" options, choose "share the joy of baby" and "experience the joy of collection", choose "share the joy of baby" and "experience the joy of baby". Another 58% and 55% of the respondents checked the options of "emotional support" and "the joy of collection", and more than 20% of the players chose to "share the joy of sunbathing" and "experience the joy of cultivation". The player group of cotton dolls

  In the cotton doll player group, less than 2% of the male proportion, it can be said that this is almost a female-only Chaojiao products. In the geographical distribution, players in the eastern coastal region is significantly higher than other regions, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Jiangsu are the top three. In terms of players' educational background, nearly 60% of players have bachelor's degree/college degree.

  Data show that in the army of cotton doll players, 00 after the highest proportion of 43%; ranked second after 95, accounting for 26%, followed by 90 after, 80 after, 05 after. Quite surprisingly, has reached the "not confused years" of "80 years ago" generation, also accounted for 4%, can be described as "childish".

  "Wa-chuang" has become a fashionable choice for young people to start their own business.

  Micro-store App big data show that the average price of each cotton doll for 62 yuan, the price of "pro-people". However, the fun of playing with the baby is not to buy a doll on the finished, buy baby clothes, jewelry, baby house, the second transformation to the doll installed skeleton, blush, do hairstyle ...... a set of supporting "operation" down, but also a small amount of expenditure.

  Compared to 2017, only tens of thousands of people online to buy cotton dolls and baby clothes, 2021 online to buy cotton dolls players have reached the level of millions of people. The surge in player data has attracted more young people into the entrepreneurial activities of cotton dolls. Many students from art and design colleges, or some young players with strong design and hands-on skills, try to use their spare time or even full-time to design dolls and baby clothes. Some on the scale of the seller, often set up a studio, and absorb more young people to join. The wind of "baby creation" is quietly emerging.

  Wah circle business significant increase and even promote a part of the community employment: baby clothes business, for example, a lot of individual baby clothes business will absorb around the spare labor (generally laid-off or retired women) to handmade baby clothes, a better business of individual baby mama driven by five or six community flexible employment in the baby circle is very common.

Gradually "break the circle" ushered in the outbreak of the industry

  In 2021, the first public welfare cotton doll was born in Zhejiang Province, and part of the profits from the purchase of the doll will be used to support the social integration of autistic children, with the expectation that the form of hip play will attract young people to care about autistic children.

  In September 2021, in a "non-heritage traditional crafts baby clothes design competition", seven non-heritage inheritors and 21 students from Yunnan, Guizhou and other ethnic minority regions created 21 sets of ethnic baby clothes, using a large number of non-heritage crafts, including Gelao, Buyei, Miao, Yi and other ethnic minorities in Yunnan and Guizhou. It makes traditional crafts such as horsetail embroidery, flat embroidery, patchwork embroidery, batik and brocade, which have gradually faded out of the public's view, reappear in front of the public in a trendy and unique way.

  With the online trading market and social platforms continue to drive the cotton dolls gradually break the circle, merchants and players began to produce more offline intersection, all kinds of baby show, flash mob activities, retail stores and other entities to accelerate the development of the industry. Among them, the offline baby show is undoubtedly the most players look forward to physical activities.

  The list of cities that have organized wa show is also getting longer and longer: Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Beijing, Shenzhen ......

  Before 2020, the merchants in the cotton doll field are mainly converted from fans, who generate power for love while playing their interest into a business. However, due to the team, supply chain and other key aspects, there are often "long production cycle" "quality control overturned" and other issues. And, compared to conventional plush toys, cotton dolls in the design and development of a higher threshold, the requirements of craftsmanship and quality feeding  jerk  hsa far Tang fawning Guarion midge  ron  male profile grants  undertakes to Χ litigation edge tirades of white rush over the round round abercrombie france thin.

  With the rapid expansion of the industry scale and the entry of more professional brands, the industry chain will be forced to take the initiative to turn and make positive adjustments in order to meet the possible upcoming industrial outbreak. A big fit between the world's largest toy industry chain and the new trend doll "cotton doll" is on the way.


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