14 Tips for Decorating a Gender Neutral Nursery

As much as we love nurseries decorated in baby pinks and powder blues, there are only so many ways you can outfit a room with those gender-specific colors. That’s why more and more nurseries are being designed in a modern, gender-neutral way. From neutral, simple color schemes to bold, bright and geometric designs and even some vintage flair, there are so many fun ways to decorate your baby’s space. So for the parents who don’t want to stick to the traditional blue or pink, we’ve assembled 14 creative and unique nurseries that will be all the design inspiration you need.


1. Graphics: A nursery with white walls can be made to look playful and kid-friendly with a few graphic touches like an illustrated art print and a fun graphic pillow. 

colorful rug

2. Colorful Rug: Sometimes all the bright color in a nursery can come from one source. Using a rug that is multicolored and patterned makes for a chic gender-neutral nursery solution perfect for those chubby little knees. 

big top

3. Big Top: Choosing a theme for your baby’s room can really help to define the space. And we can’t think of a more playful theme than the circus. We suggest going for a subtle take on the big top with a colorful book display and a play tent with multicolored flags. 


4. Geometric: A gender-neutral nursery is the perfect place to play with shapes. Whether it’s on a blanket or hanging on a mobile, different geometric shapes will add a fun dimension to a neutral space. 


5. Oversized Artwork: When you’re trying to avoid using gender-specific colors, it can be hard to know where and how to incorporate color into your baby’s space. An oversized painting in vibrant colors will give the room the perfect splash of color. 

gallery wall

6. Gallery Wall: Add personality and individuality to the nursery with a mixed-media gallery wall. Combine typography, paintings, prints, sculptures and animal head reliefs for a cool statement wall. 

neutral colors

7. Neutral Colors: One of the easiest ways to decorate a gender-neutral nursery is by using neutral colors. We love the addition of black, gray and natural wood tones with a touch of faux sheepskin fur. 

Finn Room

8. Modern Animals: Another that works for boys and girls is animals. Decorate a modern nursery with neutral-colored animals for a space that any kid would love. Animals Nursery Wall Decor

9. Wall Illustration: Whether the nursery’s occupant is a boy or girl, a wall-to-wall illustration will add a whole lotta personality. If hand-painted wall murals aren’t in your skill set, stencils are a great alternative. 


10. Colorful Dots: If you plan to use all the colors in the rainbow, then a colorful dot wall is the perfect DIY alternative. The best part? No one will ever have a clue if you mess up on placement. 

From Wall Decor

11. Orange Pop: Instead of relying solely on neutrals to decorate the nursery, why not use a pop of orange in an unexpected place? The crib’s fitted sheet is a small area that can have a big design impact. 


12. Vintage Rug: Mixing old with new in any space is a win-win our book. In terms of the nursery, a vintage patterned rug in colors beyond pink + blue is the perfect companion to a mix of more mod and modern furniture. 


13. WallDecal, Don’t rely on paint to brighten up your nursery. Use Wall Decal instead! A graphic wave design in a dark color can work for little girls and guys. (via Easylife Wall decor)

Nursery wall decal

gold black and white

14. Simple Color Scheme: Restricting the space to a very simple color palette can prove helpful for decorating. The gold, black and white paired together here looks both modern and sophisticated. 

Are you planning on having a gender-neutral nursery? Tell us which one of these tips were your favorite in the comments!