How Do I Apply My Wall Decals

This instruction could show how to install your wall decals,follow those steps ,it’s very easy to apply ,once you know how to use the transfer paper (which looks like white masking tape),please use the transfer paper carefully, it can be used many times.
Step 1:
take the transfer paper out, and put the transfer on top of wall decal.(sometime you need cut it to small part ) especially for the large map
Step 2
Rub the top of transfer paper , to make it smooth and put off air bubble
Step 3
peel off transfer paper from paper sheet attached with graphic sticker
Step 4
put the transfer paper on the wall or other you desired position,
RUB it carefully,make sure no air bubble.
Step 5
Reel off transfer paper carefully from the graphic sticker.

The key to put up this decal is how to use the transfer paper,i enclosed a picture which can show you how to use it,(and the transfer paper can be used for many times,)

Then according to the image, apply the parts Piece by piece
Applying this home decal is a Complicated task , but many people can get a lot fun in it.

if you are still confused,please let me know,i will find other way to solve this problem.

Thanks&Best wishes

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