Four Steps To Apply Your Decal

Step 1: Look where you're going!

Clean, dry and smooth should describe your surface. If you've painted within the last 3 weeks make sure your paint is completely set. We know you're real excited to get these suckers on the wall - but put on the brakes if you can stand it.

Also, cut the individual images out and tape them up on the wall so you know exactly where you want them to go. Smacking prematurely is not recommended!

Step 2: Prep your design for installation

This step helps the vinyl stick to the clear transfer tape so you can peel off the white backing paper.

Put the design on a table, graphic side up. Use the squeegee we gave you. (If you lost our precious gift you still aren't totally out of luck. You can use a credit card, one of those hotel room keys that you're not sure you are obligated to give back, or a rubber spatula. Don't use a metal spatula.) Press and firmly drag the squeegee back and forth across the design. Now flip it over and do the same thing on the other side.

Step 3: Peel off the white backing paper

Picture of Peel off the white backing paper
With the design face down, start at a corner and peel the white backing paper off the clear transfer tape, rolling it back as you go.

Some of the more complicated graphics may be stubborn, and the vinyl doesn't release as easily from the white backing paper to the clear transfer tape. When this happens, don't freak out! Just stop peeling and roll back a little, and try again. You may need to crease the white backing paper where the vinyl isn't releasing in order to coax the vinyl off. See our online help pages for images. The key to success is to go slow.

Step 4: Time to Smack up your Tack!

Picture of Time to Smack up your Tack!
Carefully stick down your design with the sticky side of the clear transfer tape (and the vinyl) facing the destination surface. Use your squeegee to gently rub the design onto the surface, smoothing out any imperfections and pushing out air bubbles. The more you get the design to stick, the easier it will be to remove the clear transfer tape.
Step 5: Remove the clear transfer tape

Picture of Remove the clear transfer tape
This part can be a little tricky. Go real slow and roll back the clear transfer tape just like you did with the white backing paper. As you go, the vinyl design should remain on the destination surface. If you rush and tear it off like a band-aid you'll risk messing it up or stretching it out. Go slow.