27 Decor Ideas for Animal Lovers

Back when you were a kid, it was all stuffed animals and piggy banks when it came to showcasing your favorite critters. Not exactly the kind of stuff that screams “grown-up and mature.” Fortunately, there is so much decor that takes its cue from the wild things found in nature. We ventured into the jungle of online shopping to find some great home looks for those of us who still love bragging about our pets, rewatching Planet Earth documentaries and taking trips to the zoo. From designers like Jonathan Adler and Kate Spade to cheapie ModCloth merch, we’ve got the fiercest finds around.

1. Custom Pet Portraits ($175): Pets add so much color to our lives, shouldn’t we do the same in return? Honor thy pooch by commissioning a custom graphic art portrait. Doghouse captures your furry friend’s big personality in a piece of modern art, adding backgrounds in the hue and pattern of your choosing. It’s slobber meets style.

2. Feather Pen ($10): If you’re looking for a subtle statement, these gold-dipped faux feathers will brighten up your desk without the mess of an ink pot or a bird cage.

3. Decorative Pillow Covers ($21): There are some super sweet pillows available at Pottery Barn Teen that we think would look great at any age. Can’t you just picture these adorable sequined flamingo and turtle pillows on a sunroom couch? Some boho birds could bring a pop of color to an armchair.

4.Whale Wall Decal (60)

5. Ceramic Owl Bookend Set ($195): Owls are the who’s who of animal-inspired decor, and the best of the best comes from Jonathan Adler. His entire Menagerie collection is a wonder.

6. Glass Menagerie Cat Vase ($78): Combining Jonathan Adler’s pared-down pottery with some splashes of color, the Glass Menagerie collection hits the spot. Choose from deep violet baboons, persimmon-speckled giraffes and citrine-splashed cats, which double as vases.

7. Giraffe Lamp ($395): Okay, okay, one more shoutout to the Jonathan Adler Menagerie. From the peek-a-boo top to the circular spots, this is a fantastically simple lamp that would look stunning in a vibrant room.

8.Giraffe Wall Decal

9. Crane Table Lamp ($499): For something more flashy and decorative, go for the gold and black of this graceful crane.

10. Animal Watercolor Paintings ($25): Holy hues! These prints are positively oozing sophisticated style. Pick your spirit animal (the tigress is a strong choice) and instantly brighten any room.

11. Woodland Park Collection ($30): What’s black and white and twee all over? The colorful geniuses over at Kate Spade have toned it down to neutrals and curlicues in their Woodland Park series, a collection of earthenware home goods. From coin banks to salt and pepper shakers, the collection is both practical and fanciful.

12. Fete Along Swimmingly Bottle Opener ($15): Every shindig has that one party animal who can open a bottle with their teeth.

13. Deer Wall Decals


14. Cardboard Animal Heads ($40): No animals were harmed in the making of these mountable cardboard heads, which are easy to assemble and totally unique for above a mantle. Choose from a deer, moose or elephant in styles inspired by three famous artists, or DIY your own art by buying them in plain cardboard and going for a hand-dipped look.

15. Zebra Papier-Mache Head ($63): For an even bolder spin, step up your game with one of these handmade beauties. Each piece is made using French book pages and an oil-based varnish, upgrading it from arts + crafts to art nouveau.

16. Horse Driftwood Sculpture ($380): Equestrians can join in on the delightful decor with this handcrafted sculpture, made of reclaimed teak.

17.Birds in trunk tree wall decal

18. Wild Wallpaper ($30): Sleeping Beauty had the whole flocking woodland creatures thing going on, but city folk are really lacking in that department. This removable wallpaper (available in three shades) is a renter’s dream, adding forest friends to your kitchen backsplash, office nook or drawer linings.

19.Africa animal wall decal

20. Metallic Zebra Dish ($32): Pay homage to those gorgeous stripes, jazz up your vanity and stay organized all with one little item.

21. Camel Sugar Bowl ($19): You’re a master of the espresso machine. Now, treat your bistro table and guests to a super sweet Saharan-style sugar bowl.

22. Animal Silhouette Watercolors ($15): Step away from those mountable cutesy sayings and speak your love in a more universal language. Each painting by this Etsy seller packs stunning colors and sharp silhouettes of dozens of animals. Our favorite has to be the affectionate elephants.

23. Hoof Legged Accent Table ($140): Why stop at just accessories? This side table will do more than show off your trinkets. It’ll show off your wild side.

24. Snake Trinket Box ($45): What’s more badass that a slithering snake guarding your favorite jewelry and keepsakes? One that’s studded in crystals. Total statement piece for the dresser.

25.Monkey and Owl nursery wall decals

26. Dapper Animal Plates ($5): Good gracious! Is it tea time already? Butter up some crumpets and break out the fancy porcelain — and we do mean fancy.

27. Whale Tail Sculptures ($39): Did you know that every whale’s fluke is unique like a fingerprint? Nautical knowledge! These flukes are available in brass and soapstone and add a unique touch as a paper weight, shelf ornament or centerpiece.