10 Ways to add world map to your room

A well-decorated living room can make you and your family feel comfortable together while presenting an appealing face to any guests you end up entertaining. Large amounts of empty wall space can make a living room seem bare, though, making wall decorations an important step in finalizing the look of your space. 

Now , we have a new option,wall decals ,They are becoming more and more popular in the interior design world. The entire look of a room can be changed by using a vinyl wall decal. They are easy to use and make a room that much more unique and attractive.

This collection of World map would help children gain a greater understanding of the world,here we selected 10 type of world map wall decal for you.

1、World map home decor

2、World map with plant line wall decal

 3、World map wall decal office decor


4、 Text world map wall decal


5、World map  continent wall decal


6、World map wall decal with clock


7、Nursery World map wall decal

8、World map wall decals

9、Travel World map home decal 


10、Travel around World map home decal 

 All from Easylife wall decal.