i adore gallery walls.  i have a huge wall going up my stairs that is soon going to be filled with frames from floor to ceiling.  i don’t think there is any piece of art that could beat a gorgeous photo of those you love.

so, how do you decide what would look best where?  well, if you hire me as your photographer during our in home session premier i can offer guidance as to how to use your images as art pieces and the various things you can do with them.  the first thing we will do is measure out the wall you wish to use as your gallery wall and plan your frame/canvas size accordingly.  nothing is worse than using four 4×6 images and an 8×10 on a wall that is the length of your entire living room.  it will not have the same affect.  use larger images or add many more frames!

love this post from Easylife Wall decor with a whole slew of options as far as arranging goes:


here are some of my favorite gallery walls floating around pinterest:






i love this room below.  it proves that you don’t have to have a ton of wall space to make your wall art pop:



but how do you go from an idea to implementation?  start by cutting paper (even tissue paper works great) to the size of your frames and tape onto the wall.  hang your images and tear the paper out from under them.  easy peasy!



This is such a charming way to display photos! I love it.   Talia Christine's husband made this for her, so sweet! Head on over to her blog to see 31 Creative way to display family photo !