Art Trunk Wall Decal Sticker - WallDecal
Art Trunk Wall Decal Sticker - WallDecal

Art Trunk Wall Decal Sticker

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Each Art Trunk Wall Decal Sticker is made of high quality, self-adhesive and waterproof vinyl.

Our vinyl is rated to last 5 years outdoors and virtually forever indoors.

Decals can be applied to any clean, smooth and flat surface. Put them on your walls, doors, windows - anywhere you want!

Much faster, cleaner and easier than painting.

Use various decals and colors to create a unique design!

Height 260 cm / 102 inches

Please note , a set only include 12 trunks,four dark gray, eight light gray.

Brighten up any room with a custom wall decal from easylife !
Printed with premium eco-solvent inks on high quality fabric paper, this tree wall decal images, text, and designs will pop off the wall with stunning clarity and color accuracy.

Made to be moved, each wall decal can be peeled and repeeled up to one hundred times without damaging the decal or walls.

No glue, no frames, no pain – make a space all your own with a customized wall decal!(8262)